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Rotary San Sebastian Festival

Wednesday January 16th 7:30 PM

Please join us in celebrating the Puerto Rican Festival of San Sebastián and make a difference to support women facing domestic violence with the Silvana Mangano Center.

San Sebastián Street Festival, also known as “San Se”, is a very popular Puerto Rican festivity that takes place in the Old San Juan district  on the Calle San Sebastián.  The festival is in honor of  Saint Sebastian and participants wear huge masks  “Cabezudos”  representing  Puerto Rican folklore.

RCRI supports the Silvana Mangano Center to give  women a second chance with female leadership empowerment program for women dealing with domestic violence. The objective of the program is to create economically independent women that do not circle back into the cycle of violence. These centers will help victims break the silence, start the healing process and claim their lives.

Donation required is 30 Euro and the event includes buffet, drinks, music, raffle and door prizes.




Rotary Club Rome International Winter Snow Trekking Event

Sunday January 27th 2019


Rotary Club Rome International 3rd Annual Cooking Challenge
Monday February 4th


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