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This year RCRI Project Committee, Board and General Assembly has approved a local and international project.


Silvana Mangano Center (Formia,Italy)
Female leadership empowerment program for women dealing with domestic abuse. The objective of the program is to create economically independent women that do not circle back into the cycle of violence.



Link Educational Project (Malawi Ethiopia)

Our goal is to strengthen the capacity of communities to support basic education and literacy, reduce gender disparity in education, and increase literacy.Work with community organizations to increase educational capacity for 4,000 marginalized girls in Malawi Ethiopia. These girls are rural and have little to no opportunity to go to secondary school, despite a great desire to do so. Link works with local community organizations to not only build schools in the needed areas, but also to train the educators and community members in delivering education and assistance to these girls.


To dontate to our projects:

IBAN:   IT23 N030 6905 1831 0000 0001 629

To send a proposal please contact email  president@rotaryromeinternational.com    to submit a project template form and for project submission deadlines.

Only projects received within  the deadlines and  submitted with complete information will be reviewed.


Please see the Interact page for Interact projects and information.