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You can help saving lives and support the “Sri Lanka School Meals Programme” for as little as 50 cents a day for a future free of hunger and full of learning for all children by providing the potential opportunity for a better future.

“School meals can achieve much more than full bellies: when integrated into comprehensive education programmes, school meals can fuel educational opportunities, social protection, gender empowerment and economic growth” 2016 Global Child Nutrition Forum, the World Food Programme’s Executive Director Ertharin Cousin 

School meals essential to social integration and gender empowerment

And once a child is in school, school meals are the spark igniting the engines of a child prepared to seize educational opportunity which will create social progress.

With 19.6% national average of acute malnutrition Sri Lanka is ranked as having the 3rd highest prevalence in the world, only behind Djibouti and South Sudan.

Despite positive achievement in the coverage of school feeding programme in the Northern Province, funding to continue the programme facing severe constraints, with no assured funding past October 2017, threatening a complete cessation to the programme which has been successfully implemented for more than 10 years.

WFP and the government are planning a gradual handover of the programme to the government of Sri Lanka by 2020, to merge the government’s school meals programme which covers 1 million children in the rest of the country. However, in order to do this in an effective manner, the programme in the vulnerable north needs to continue without disruption.

Rotary Club Rome International has partnered with WFP Italia to support the School Meals Program in Sri Lanka  with a 3 year agreement to assist in fund raising. We aim to feed 2,000 children annually at a cost of 50 Euro annually per child.

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