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Rotary Club Rome International supports humanitarian & service projects  to promote Rotary international service goals  and UN SDGs  sustainable  development goals.

Rotary Club Rome International envisions a space that fosters international understanding, tolerance and respect, and where sustainable and lasting changes in local and international communities can be realized. Together, we see a world where people unite and take action to create lasting change — across the globe, in our communities, and in ourselves.

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Link Educational Project (Malawi Ethiopia)

Our goal is to strengthen the capacity of communities to support basic education and literacy, reduce gender disparity in education, and increase literacy.Work with community organizations to increase educational capacity for 4,000 marginalized girls in Malawi Ethiopia. These girls are rural and have little to no opportunity to go to secondary school, despite a great desire to do so. Link works with local community organizations to not only build schools in the needed areas, but also to train the educators and community members in delivering education and assistance to these girls.

Supporting girls education in Ethiopia and changing lives through the STAGES programme (Supporting the Transition of Adolescent Girls through Enhancing Systems) will help some of Ethiopia’s poorest and most vulnerable girls receive a quality education, improving their lives and transforming their future. RCRI has partnered with RC Edinburgh and Links Community Development to support its education programs in Ethiopia. It projects have improved education for 216,000 children across 200 schools, and involved 43,000 community members in school improvement.  Links  achieve exceptional value for money, spending 98p of every £1  raised on their work in Africa.  Links work directly influences progress towards Sustainable Development Goals 4 and 5. These projects will catalyse transformational outcomes for nearly 48,000 young girls, who will gain foundational

literacy, numeracy, financial literacy and life skills, with aspirations to transition to further education, vocational training or engage in the local economy through safe employment.


Ambiente Amico District Interclub Project (RC Roma Sud & partners RC Roma EST-NORD-NORD EST)

Ambiente Amico’s key scope is to provide training and employment opportunities to a community fostering empowerment, key skills,  and sustainable development of the center and its youth.
WWF has partnered with the project to develop the required vocational  training (112 hours).The project involves the community “Sorella Luna ” to provide support and re-qualification  to the marginalized in the areas  of  sustainable agriculture (fruit and olive trees,vegetable gardens) and a qualification for eco- park tourism guides and  Rotary E-Club de France International D1690 di Bordeaux for 3d Laser development for an Etruscan site.There are 4 clubs supporting the project and previously they funded 150 fruit trees and now they seeking to fund olives trees with the support of Interact.
Area: The Sorella  Luna community  is an Onlus is at Santa Maria Di Galeria and the WWF is at  Macchia Grande near Fregene.
The impact  could be extended to the other Sorella Luna communities and through the WWF branches. The club is financing wood material for the community to create a tourism center (agritourism).
The project focuses on Rotary& UN SGI goals of education. community & social development & environment.


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