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All proceeds from events are donations for our project
Date Event
July 5th RCRI Handover  Event Cocktail Dress  -gentlemen jacket & tie
July 21st COIN Summer Interclub
July 29th COIN Summer Interclub
Aug 4 COIN Summer Interclub
Aug 25th COIN Summer Interclub
Sept 8th COIN Summer Interclub
Sept. 13th Summer Meet & Greet Overview of clubs vison & strategy
Sept.19th  Rome Marathon  (District event)
Sept.25th Membership and New Generations Seminar Sardegna (District Event)
Sept. 25th Trekking Monte Liviata Interclub Rc Roma Sud
Oct. 2nd  Membership and New Generations Seminar Lazio  (District Event)
Oct 11th Lecture Cyber Security by Franceso Magrini Leonardo Finmeccanica Cocktail dress, gentlemen jacket & tie
Oct 23rd Olive Oil & Wine Tasting
Oct 24th District Event End Polio
Oct 29th RC Whittier CA, USA Interclub (members only)
Nov. 13th Klimt- Masterpieces, Klimt Foundation and public and private collections showcasing Klimt’s  life & artistic production & role of Viennese artistic and cultural revolution while exploring the relationship of Klimt and Italy, his travels and exhibits.
Nov. 13th Rotary Foundations and Projects Seminars Lazio (District event)
Nov. 15th General Assembly vote for board 2021-2022, President 2022-2023, Approval of budget 2020-2021 and  draft budget 2021-2022 (members only)
Nov 22nd “Cooking Class” with Chef Andrea  prepare an appetizer, 1st course and dessert. Each team will be assigned to work on one of the courses and all participants will join in for dinner. A team building and get to know each event 15-20 participants
Nov.27th Rotary Foundations and Projects Seminars Sardegna (District Event)
Dec 13th Holiday Greetings & Benefit Dinner  Cocktail dress with a touch of red, Gentlemen jacket & tie